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Carole Thompson

Supervising Case Manager

Carole is a Supervising Case Manager at CPT Group. In this role, she leads a team of Case Managers and Assistants and ensures the proper guidance and supervision is upheld for high accuracy levels and prompt adherence to court ordered deadlines. She is also responsible for overseeing all case activity and having a comprehensive understanding of each case her team handles. Carole initially joined CPT in 2010 as a Case Manager. In her career prior, she spent 12 years in the Financial Industry at a prominent Fortune 500 annuities company. Then, when an opportunity took her family to Minot, North Dakota, she had to leave CPT, but gained 5 years of Human Resources expertise, first as Benefits Specialist at Trinity Health and then as a Benefits Coordinator at Food Management Investors, Inc. Upon returning to California in 2016, Carole rejoined CPT, providing a strong professional background to the team.

Outside of the office, Carole is a true adventurer. She especially enjoys traveling to Italy. Having visited 20 of its cities, Carole is the person to speak to if you’re ever planning a trip to the country.