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CPT Group, Inc. is a full-service claims administrator that handles all class action processes from start to finish. With our structured service platform and practice area expertise, we’re able to process claims accurately, consistently and expeditiously.


CPT has vast, in-depth experience in all manners of class action and collective action administration related to labor and employment-related issues.


CPT’s Legal Notification, Class Member Assistance, Claims Administration Class Action and Funds Distribution services combine to provide a comprehensive capability in handling these often large and complex class action cases.


When insurance companies face a class action suit for misrepresentation, bad faith claims handling, denial of coverage, or other dispute, CPT is capable of handling the largest and most complicated settlements.


In cases of loan origination fraud, contested foreclosures, bankruptcy disputes and other financial disputes, we are equipped to manage all aspects of the settlement.


In settlements where consumers suffer a financial loss from illegal or incorrect overpricing or ‘price fixing’, and in situational agreements aimed at elimination of competition, we act first as a consultant on the intricate, large scale administrative details and federal and state mandated regulations.


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) governs the conduct of private employers who sponsor employee benefit plans and persons who manage those plans and control their assets.


A crucial step in data breach notification is ensuring affected individuals receive timely and accurate information so they can learn about their rights and file a claim. CPT’s team of experts are experienced with large-scale data breach notification, customized websites, call center, data management and distribution processing. When clients use CPT, they have a peace-of-mind and receive a level of expertise that’s unmatched within the industry.

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