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Bankruptcy Services

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If you’ve been putting up with hidden fees, it’s time to switch your Claims and Noticing agent. Because once you switch to CPT Group, you’ll never see those hidden fees again.

Serving the bankruptcy and class action communities exclusively since 1984, CPT Group, Inc. specializes in providing professional, customized claims processing, noticing, and balloting services. CPT is known for providing best in class service at below market pricing.  Our Legal Noticing and Claim fees are well below the industry average and our service is well above.

CPT is authorized to serve all major U.S. Bankruptcy Courts; the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court; and the Delaware District Bankruptcy Court.

CPT leverages a breadth of knowledge and an extensive, well-documented record of experience in handling bankruptcy and class action matters across the nation. CPT has provided bankruptcy services in such high-profile cases as the County of Orange, Edwards Theatres, Phil & Jims, Clothestime, Glen Ivy Resorts, Home Fed Corporation, Marriott Hotels, and Del Taco. Throughout our history, CPT has worked with leading firms and attorneys to administrate thousands of cases, processing millions of claims and disbursing billions of dollars.

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