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Highlands Physicians, Inc. v. Wellmont Health System

In the Law Court for Sullivan County at Kingsport, Tennessee
Civil Action No. C41368(C)

Important Dates
Deadline to file a claim
Date of Preliminary Approval
Class Period
PAGA Period
Opt-Out Deadline
Objection Deadline
July 22, 2021
Dispute Deadline
Final Approval Hearing
August 12, 2021 10:00 AM
Disbursement Date
Expiration of Check Cashing Period
Important Documents & Info

The Law Court of Sullivan County gave final approval to the settlement on August 17, 2021.

Cigna damages were based on the reduction in reimbursement rates that Cigna reported, on a confidential basis through discovery in this case, that it achieved through physician recontracting at the end of 2013. If you did not participate in the Cigna contract through HPI in 2013, or Cigna did not report that it entered into a new contract with your practice group directly in 2014, you are not eligible for damages in this category.

Direct damages owed to each practice group in the Class based on practice groups’ participation in direct-employer contracts and the revenue derived from that participation. Counsel has allocated damages to your practice based on your participation in those contracts and the proportion of revenue received by you from those contracts, relative to overall participation and revenue by HPI practice groups.

Damages for breach of the Network Access Agreement were calculated by using historical claims data and estimating the effect that depressed reimbursement rates would have had on revenue received from the Network Access Agreement in 2013 and 2014.

The above methodologies are explained in more detail in the Distribution Plan filed with the Court by HPI on July 13, 2021.

If you have questions or additional information that you believe would impact the amount to which you are entitled, you must let us know by September 9, 2021. Once all questions are resolved, we will distribute the funds. If we do not receive any questions by September 9, 2021, we anticipate distributing the funds by September 30, 2021.

IMPORTANT: To receive money, an authorized representative of the practice group to whom this is addressed must click here and confirm the TIN and provide us with wire transfer or address information to send the money.

As outlined in the Distribution Plan, money will be sent to practice groups, who will be responsible for allocating money to individuals.


(Tennessee Sup. Ct) Order denying petition for leave to appeal

[TN Supreme Court] Application for Permission to Appeal of Wellmont Health System

2020.03.13 Brief of Appellant

2020.03.31 Appellee-Cross Appellant Brief of Highlands Physicians Inc

2020.04.30 Reply Brief of Appellant Wellmont Health System

Court of Appeals Opinion and Decision

Fully Executed Contingency Fee Agreement with Sept. 2015 Addendum

HPI's Amended Complaint w-Exhibits 1-4

HPI's Motion for Approval of Distribution of Damages to Class

HPI-Second Addendum to Engagement Agreement

HPI-Wellmont Third Addendum to Engagement Agreement (FULLY EXECUTED)

HPI-Fourth Addendum to Engagement Agreement 7.17.19

Judgment against Wellmont Health System

Notice to Class Members Regarding Distribution of Damages and Exhibits A-D

Order granting HPI's Motion for Preliminary Approval of 1st Distribution to Class - Entered 5-4-21

The Settlement Agreement and Release

The Joint Motion for Preliminary Approval and Memorandum in Support

Notice To Class Members of Proposed Settlement of Class Action

HPI Entered Preliminary Approval Order approving settlement (with Exs. A-B)

HPI's Plan for Distribution of Damages to Class

Order and Final Judgment

List of Class Members and Damages Practice Groups


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Highlands Physicians, Inc. v. Wellmont Health System
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