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Laverne Harbor v. Corporate Security Service, Inc.

Case No. CGC-18-566295
Superior Court of the State of California – County of San Francisco

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Amended Settlement Agreement

The original Class Notice was initially distributed to Class Members on May 22, 2019. Following distribution of the Class Notice, Defendant determined that it had mistakenly not included approximately 200 putative litigants who met the Class definition in the Class List provided to counsel and the Claims administrator. A new notice was sent out to include all eligible Class Members.

Defendant also discovered an additional clerical error occurred in the initial class data that was sent to the third-party administrator. For 133 class members that worked past the end of the relevant class period of January 31, 2019, Defendant inadvertently neglected to use January 31, 2019 as the end of the relevant time period but instead Defendant used Class Members post January 31, 2019 termination date to calculate the number of workweeks worked. As such, the notice that was sent to those Class Members contained incorrect inflated figures. The new notice includes the corrected figures.

The new Class Notice you have been sent includes all the correct and up to date information. Please disregard the prior notice entirely. If you have any further questions, you can contact the claims administrator or Class Counsel, Scott Cole & Associates, at the numbers listed on your Class Notice.


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