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David Tawei Chao

Sr. Data Analyst, Associate Director

Sr. Data Analyst, Associate Director

Originally from Taiwan, David has been calling this great and beautiful country home since 1992. David started out his professional IT career in the Chicago area in 1998 and has since been working with tremendous enthusiasm and passion to help organizations of different sizes realize the potential of their data assets from gaining better business insights and providing effective data analysis and reporting.

David is a strong believer that technology is a wonderful thing that when embraced will benefit and enhance our daily professional lives. It is imperative to learn and utilize new technology invention to find better ways to gain productivity, efficiency, and a market edge. At CPT Group, David’s guiding principle in his technical leadership is to deploy the right tools and best IT solutions to meet our work needs and growth challenges. He will always serve as a technology champion, to help both CPT colleagues and customers in continually improving work-life, gain workforce and market/business intelligence, as well as building a technology-driven, best-of-the breed culture and pride in our beloved organization.

Off work, David enjoys his primary roles as husband and father for his family, as well as a close companion and work-out partner of his 6-year-old Beagle, Cody. A quick and avid learner, David is always on the quest for learning about new things. He serves an active and informed role for the community he lives in and shares the common goal and value with people in the same community, which is through hard work and determination, we can all work together in making this wonderful world and great country that we all love, to be an even better place for our future generations.

David holds a Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems from Northern Illinois University, located in DeKalb, IL.