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Best-In-Class, Settlement Administration Services

Selecting CPT Group, Inc. is the first step in determining the outcome of your settlement. Multifaceted capabilities, the distinct advantage of experience, particularly in cross category settlements, require that all pieces are organized, positioned correctly and put into place.

Entrusting class action administration to CPT Group is the first step in the confident achievement of the goals of the goals of the lawsuit. Our full spectrum consultation services address every critical area of need, providing clear and actionable planning combined with cost-effective administration.

  • Preliminary Approval Declarations
  • Settlement Agreement Consultation
  • Timelines
  • Scheduling
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Notice Campaign Planning
  • Neutral Third Party Administrator

CPT Group is adept at third-party data hosting and communication services using proprietary technology across multiple platforms, including print, media and online. Clear-language documents, translated according to class member needs, support and guide members through a seamless case rollout, regardless of scope or complexity.

  • Pre-Certification / Belaire West / Privacy Mailing
  • Class Certification Noticing
  • Settlement Notification
  • Formatting Legal Notices
  • Electronic Notification email/website
  • Translation Services
  • In-House Production
  • Expert Legal Noticing Campaigns
  • In-House Translation Services

Quality, accuracy, speed and security are the cornerstones of CPT’s proprietary technology and data management systems. We developed our specialized data management, analysis and reporting tools to move the skillset up, innovate new and better solutions and create a superior workflow with complete and timely accountability and efficiency.

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Entry
  • Data Management
  • Secure Data Transfer
  • Data Reporting

At the heart of CPT’s administrative capabilities is our ability to process claims accurately, efficiently and in full compliance. Our skilled approach to using technology and controlling management costs is the bedrock of our effectiveness. Regardless of class size or case intricacy, we address all aspects of administration to provide comprehensive and complete solutions.

  • In-House Secure Data Processing
  • Track & Process Undeliverable Mail
  • Claims Processing (mail/online)
  • Host & Maintain Case Websites
  • Secure Claims Validation

CPT’s centralized fund distribution process manages fully audited and securely supervised accounts, handling all aspects of Federal and State tax filings and forms printing and distribution to all recipients.

  • Secure Disbursement Processing
  • Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) Management (establish/maintain)
  • Federal and Multi-State Tax Reporting (W2/1099)
  • Escheatment of Unclaimed Settlement Funds
  • Cy Pres Distribution

Customer response and targeted outreach receive multilevel attention. We have a massive capacity to handle this all-important aspect of settlement administration. Our multilingual call center offers class members 1:1 responsiveness. Interactive Voice Response assures that class members receive the assistance and support they require. Our proprietary, case-specific call tracking system uses dedicated toll-free numbers, and highly trained representatives to document and maintain an accurate class member history of interaction.

  • Live Call Center Support (multilingual)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities
  • Proprietary Call Tracking System

The security of settlement information is of the utmost importance to CPT Group. We are proudly SOC 1 compliant and have developed our own new proprietary technology to assure our clients and class members a superior peace of mind.

Proprietary Technology and Superior Workflow

On Demand Case Reports

Access to reports anytime

Exclusive proprietary technology offers online access to real time reports, response rates and more, 24/7.


Case Information Access Management

With AdminLink, our operations staff can access current case information in one single location, ensuring every CPT staff member involved in your case is up to date and has all the information they need at their fingertips.

In-House Production

Value. Security. Compliance.

Our print/mail house and web development team not only affords you greater value and tighter security, we assure full legal compliance in all materials and up to date information for all class members, thereby reducing demands on client time and resources.

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