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Extensive Class Action Administration Experience

CPT Group, Inc. is a full-service claims administrator that handles all class action processes from start to finish. With our structured service platform and practice area expertise, we’re able to process claims accurately, consistently and expeditiously.

CPT has vast, in-depth experience in all manners of class action and collective action administration related to labor and employment-related issues. Our abilities include administrating the most complex large-scale Fair Labor Standards Act collective actions, state law wage and hourly class actions, discrimination, breach of contract and employment tort. We comply with federal and state regulations regarding payroll taxes, and are equipped to execute settlements.

In the area of Consumer and Product Defect cases, CPT’s Legal Notification, Class Member Assistance, Claims Administration and Funds Distribution services combine to provide a comprehensive capability in handling these often large and complex class action cases. Use of online claim filing, and case-specific call center responsiveness provides class members maximum ease of use, while maintaining counsel’s need for secure, remote access to claim data. The combination of broad class action experience to develop successful legal notification campaigns, assures accurate, cost effective management, and implementation of all consumer-related class actions.

  • Auto Defects
  • FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)
  • FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)
  • Product Mislabeling
  • TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)

When insurance companies face a class action suit for misrepresentation, bad faith claims handling, denial of coverage, or other dispute, CPT is capable of handling the largest and most complicated settlements. The accessibility of information to class members by skilled representatives helps to allay member concerns, and provides answers on the spot. Whether in discovery or settlement, a customized plan is created to address all aspects of insurer needs.

The unique dynamics of settlements, whether simultaneous to all class members/shareholders or at different times, requires thoughtful, accurate planning and administration. We are fully capable of meeting specialized demands of securities, including related banking and economic injury violations issues. Our ability to process claims and host multidimensional communications that include websites, call centers, electronic, print and internet media assures that class members receive top tier service. Your securities case needs are well placed in CPT’s trusted administrative care.

In cases of loan origination fraud, contested foreclosures, bankruptcy disputes and other financial disputes, we are equipped to manage all aspects of the settlement. Large and complex settlements require the kind of broad capabilities and accurate accounting that we provide, even when settlement sums vary. Beginning from our highly skilled call center and including our proprietary case-specific tracking, CPT is experienced in bringing these large settlements to an efficient and cost effective conclusion.

In settlements where consumers suffer a financial loss from illegal or incorrect overpricing or ‘price fixing’, and in situational agreements aimed at elimination of competition, we act first as a consultant on the intricate, large scale administrative details and federal and state mandated regulations. Once the plan is established, we utilize our full range of experience and services to settle even the largest and most multifaceted funds, awards and classes.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”) governs the conduct of private employers who sponsor employee benefit plans and persons who manage those plans and control their assets. In cases where there is evidence to demonstrate class members have been harmed by the defendant’s harmful conduct, we are prepared to develop a common methodology to calculate damages for each of the proposed class members, and determine an efficient and cost-effective conclusion.

What Our Clients Say

“CPT is our go to settlement administrator for our wage and hour class action practice. The staff at CPT is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable. They immediately come to mind when we need to retain a settlement administrator after a case has settled, and when we need to hire an administrator for a Belaire West notice or FLSA opt-in notice.”

Hernaldo J. Baltodano, Esq., Baltodano & Baltodano, LLP.
“I have successfully worked with CPT in administering several multi-million settlements and several Bel-Air privacy notices. CPT was cost-conscious in each instance, often capping their costs to ensure Court approval. Moreover, they quickly respond to inquiries, and expeditiously address problems that surface — maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.”
Raul Perez, Esq., Capstone Law, APC.
“I have utilized the services of CPT over the past five or six years to handle all aspects of wage and hour class actions of various sizes. They consistently deliver on time with extremely competitive pricing. The case managers are reliable, efficient and accessible to handle any issue that comes up. I am so pleased with CPT’s handling of wage and hour matters that I am now turning to them to administer our consumer class actions as well.”
Marcus J. Bradley, Esq. , Marlin & Saltzman, LLP.
“The administration of a class action settlement–even an uncomplicated one—involves a lot of moving parts, and there are a lot of companies that proclaim expertise in this filed. But my “go to” claims/settlement administrator is CPT Group because they manage things seamlessly—which is something my Firm counts on. CPT anticipates and solves problems before they become big “issues.” And they are all good people too.”
Dylan Pollard, Esq., Pollard & Bailey

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