CPT Group, Inc. (“CPT”), founded in 1984, is a leading provider of notice and settlement class action administration services and has been appointed as the third-party administrator by all major courts. Throughout our history, CPT has disbursed billions of dollars in settlement funds and serviced tens of millions of class members while administrated approximately 5,000 cases. CPT offers a wide range of class action administrative services for developing, managing, and executing all stages of integrated notice plans and settlements. This includes pre-certification and discovery mailings, class-certification mailings, claims processing and administration, data management, data reporting, settlement fund administration, legal noticing campaigns, website design and web hosting. The project management, call center, data entry, IT and production facilities are all located at the corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA.


To be regarded in our industry as the most respected provider of administrative services, recognized for our integrity and commitment to delivering the highest level of quality and utmost standards of excellence. 

To be regarded by our team members as a provider of honest leadership, flexible growth opportunities and a culture of care.


The integrity of CPT’s work and the stringent quality assurance protocols are strengthened by the staff’s ability to work in close-proximity and keep the work handled in-house. CPT has an obligation to our clients to maintain a rigorous commitment to data and cyber security by implementing proactive measures, conducting extensive audits, implementing security controls and procedures throughout our business that comply with NIST 800-171.


CPT has extensive experience providing court-approved notice and administration services in complex, large fund, and top tier class action settlements across a broad spectrum of unique subject matters. Below are highlights from a few relevant cases we handled:


  • Helmick v. Air Methods Corp. (Top Settlements, 2020): Administration of this $78,000,000 employment settlement included direct mailed notice to class members, production and maintenance of a settlement website and distribution of over $48,000,000 to eligible claimants.
  • Wackenhut Wage and Hour Cases (Top Settlements, 2019): To notify potential class members in this $130,000,000 wage and hour settlement, CPT’ provided email and text notice in both English and Spanish, maintained a dedicated settlement website with an online claims portal and a toll-free support hotline. CPT’s outreach efforts resulted in a 57.14% filing rate.
  • Sanchez v McDonald’s Restaurants of California (Top Settlements, 2019): Notice methods in this $26,000,000 wage and hour settlement included both mailed notice in both English and Spanish and email notification, as well as settlement website and toll-free case support hotline.
  • Thompson v. 1-800 Contacts, Inc., et al.: This $40 million-dollar anti-trust settlement comprised of four settlement classes required design and implementation of a robust, multi-faceted two-part notice program with a multi-layered media campaign combining the use of various digital advertisement platforms, a press release, a dedicated settlement website with an online claims portal, and a toll-free support hotline. The notice program also included an e-mail notice campaign to approximately 10,000,000 potential class members. Combined notice efforts resulted in over 140,000 claimants.
  • Broomfield v. Craft Brew Alliance, Inc.: CPT’s outreach efforts in this $20 million consumer settlement included a multi-media channel approach to notice which employed direct mailed notice and a digital, social, and mobile media campaign which reached an impressive 91.43% of the targeted 8,000,000 class members. CPT processed both electronic and hard copy claim forms and valid claimants were paid via paper checks, e-Check, and ACH.
  • Abdullah v U.S. Security Associates, Inc. (Top Settlements, 2018): Administration of this $21,000,000 wage and hour settlement included direct mailed notice to class members, class member support hotline and distribution of over $13,000,000 to eligible claimants.
  • Augustus et al. v. American Commercial Security Services, Inc. (Top Settlements, 2018): Administration duties in this $110,000,000 employment settlement included direct mailed notice to class members in both English and Spanish and distributing over $72,000,000 in settlement funds to valid claimants.
  • Jacobo, et al. v. Ross Stores, Inc.: In this $4.85 million consumer settlement, CPT notified approximately 9,000,000 potential class members via direct email notice and a media campaign that combined the use of various digital advertisement platforms, a nationwide press release, print publication in People Magazine, a dedicated settlement website, and a toll-free support hotline. Ultimately, CPT processed 285,000 claims and disbursed $3,000,000 in merchandise certificates.


CPT believes that promoting diversity starts with a commitment to building understanding and awareness. Diversity is not just cultural or ethnic, it includes people of all ages and backgrounds. We are guided by a commitment to removing barriers to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of talented individuals from historically excluded populations. CPT recruits and rewards team members based on capability and performance, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, lifestyle, age, educational background, national origin, religion, or physical ability.


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