Notice: Hayes et al. v. Your Neighborhood Urgent Care, LLC et al.
Superior Court of the State of California Ė County of Orange
             Case No. BC 30-2012-00594022-CU-WT-CJC



Status Report to Class Members

On April 3, 2015, the Court entered Judgment in favor of the Settlement Class against YNUC and Dr. Robert Amster on the approved class action settlement. YNUC and Dr. Amster have not made any payments towards the Judgment.

YNUC had been negotiating with several interested parties in an effort to sell the urgent care business and use proceeds from the sale to pay the Judgment. However, none of the potential buyers have closed deals with YNUC. Therefore, the Judgment remains unpaid.

On May 25, 2017, Opus Bank, one of YNUCís creditors, secured a Court Order appointing a Receiver over the assets of YNUC and its affiliated urgent care centers (including Laguna-Dana Urgent Care, Inc., Cypress Urgent Care, Inc., Hoag Urgent Care-Tustin, Inc., Hoag Urgent Care-Anaheim Hills, Inc., Hoag Urgent Care-Huntington Harbour, Inc., and Hoag Urgent Care-Orange, Inc.). It is the Receiverís job to take control of the assets of the YNUC entities and to take all reasonable actions to pay the creditors.

All questions concerning the status of the Receivership and the payment of the Judgment through the Receivership should be directed to the court-appointed Receiver: David P. Stapleton at 213-235-0600.

Please continue to check this website periodically for current updates.